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November 16, 2018

04 Ways to Reduce Waste

Sunglasses are just one more item that get tossed in the bin when they’re broken or damaged. Everyone owns at least one pair of sunnies, which means there are billions in existence and ultimately in landfills. ...
November 16, 2018

How to Fix Your Broken Sunglasses

So you’ve broken your favourite sunnies... Don’t panic - it happens to the best of us, and you can fix them at home with these simple tricks...
November 11, 2018

How to Fix Your Broken Sunglasses

There is nothing worse than when your favorite sunglasses break or don't fit properly anymore. It happens to the best of us, but don’t worry, you can fix your sunglasses at home with either of these simple options...
November 11, 2018

4 Ways to Reduce Wast

More than 100 million plastic bottles are used worldwide each day - approximately 2.5 million bottles thrown out every hour and 1,500 going in landfills or the ocean each second. There is actually an area in the Pacific Ocean the size of Texas known as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is compo...
November 04, 2018

Sunny Days In Style Infographic - What is Your Style?

The market for designer sunglasses is a massive one. Iconic shades have appeared in Hollywood features for decades and have found favor with celebrities and the fashion forward alike. Those who are serious about sunglasses aren’t content to pick up a dollar store pair, however. Favorite brands in th...
April 17, 2014

Saving the environment one pair of sunglasses at a time

Who hasn’t just thrown away a pair of sunglasses at one time or another. That cheap pair you picked up at the gas station or $2 shop (even though they cost you $10), or the pair you dropped accidentally and scratched the lenses....
February 01, 2014

Where Can I Fix My Sunglasses?

Opticians are asked all the time, ""Where can I fix my sunglasses?"" Sure, there are plenty of options, but there's only one that we recommend every time: self-installed aftermarket lenses. In fact, I've recommended it so often that I thought it was high time that I turned it into fine literature. T...
January 03, 2014

Don't Say Goodbye to Your Busted Shades

People around the world love sunglasses. About half of all Australians wear them, and they've been the subject of many innovations over the years. In 1936, Ray Ban developed anti-glare aviators to protect the eyes of pilots, and in 1953, they launched the Wayfarer -- which remains the best selling s...
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